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Temp Scanner

Temperature Scanner Kiosk

with Facial Recognition. 

Dynamic Detection Display™ Line


Temperature Scanner Kiosk Base Unit

(Wall Mount Included)

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AEI, founded in 1989, is a one-stop, turnkey solution for all your commercial music and media needs. We design, install, and service commercial audio and video systems for your business, church or school. We partner with over 250 different manufacturers and are committed to staying on the leading edge of all product innovations and technologies that have an application for the business environment.

We make a distinction between providing "solutions" and just providing "hardware" by focusing on developing fully effective systems strategies custom-tailored for individual businesses. The style and placement of your audio system is part of the design process, and our system designers match your design to your music. Whether you want an audio or video system that speaks softly or unleashes its highest fidelity, AEI mixes the music to the message, provides sound communication and inspires the image you desire.


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