Dynamic, in-store merchandising is a rapidly growing category using the latest technology to provide advertisers, retailers and businesses the opportunity to influence consumers’ buying decisions “where they shop”. AEI digital signage solutions are designed with simplicity, security, scalability and economy in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of signage in multiple locations.

With easy to use interfaces, our digital signage solutions are ideal for retail, restaurants/sports bars, educational institutions, corporate communications and Houses of Worship, etc. Stream video, create crawls, and inform viewers with alert bulletins and much more!

Audio Electronics provides a complete “turnkey” digital signage solution for content creation, distribution, and playback.


The best compliments we receive are the simplest ones – things like “That was easy!” and “It just works.”

Throughout our experience in the digital signage and in-store media industry we’ve seen a lot of things. As our solutions have evolved, our approach has focused on just a few key goals. Simply put, these are: Keep it simple for the end-user; It must always work; The solution must be affordable; and, some clients are small. Others are big… very big. This must scale.

Adhering to these rules, we design solutions that differ from many in the industry in that we offer a complete end-to-end solution. A solution that lets you create video, re-purpose existing media, integrate third party services, broad scheduling functionality, simple installation, hands-free operation, and reliability. It’s all there.

To do so, we start with using industry standard hardware, operating systems, database platforms, and development environments. This ensures that our solutions are continually supported, and easily integrated with outside systems.

Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for us to expand easily to meet our customer's needs as they succeed and grow. 

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