Our Pro Audio/Video Division designs, installs and services professional sound and video systems for music venues, theaters, churches, educational facilities, industrial plants, government chambers, performing arts centers and sporting venues. Whether you need superior live sound reinforcement, audio and video conferencing, paging systems, emergency notifications or distribution of audio, AEI will meet all your Pro AV needs.


Looking for inspiration? Find sanctuary with Audio Electronics. Designing sound for Houses of Worship can feel like a devilish assignment. Issues include historic preservation, echo canceling, simultaneous uses for facilities and a need for controls that anybody can operate. AEI brings a host of professionals to the table to address all of these issues and many more. From the design table to the final installation, you can rest assured that your systems are in the hands of top professionals from start to finish.


When it comes to well governed sound, Audio Electronics rules. Ideally, justice is blind, but the need to be clearly heard and understood is crucial in courtrooms, courthouses, and government offices. AEI has the systems to support you in customizing audio projects of all sizes. We’re committed to partnership, offering you expertise and creative problem solving, from courtrooms to halls of justice and civic centers.


Where technology meets new possibilities, Audio Electronics is on the board. A meeting is loosely defined as two or more people coming together – but AEI's systems are helping re-define where and how meetings take place. From broadcasting company meetings across a 500-acre facility to pioneering new sound possibilities in convention and conference centers, AEI’s systems facilitate new configurations to connect people better. We’ll partner with you to develop increasingly efficient, expandable systems.


We’re writing the book on educational installations. AEI’s audio/visual systems can’t take credit for raising students’ IQs or GPAs. But we are improving their educational experiences, from elementary to high schools; from libraries and universities to research centers. You’ll find there’s nothing institutional about our approach to educational systems.


Our industrial strength systems produce the goods. When production is behind, the need for communication is critical. Audio Electronics can open the lines of communication from the board room all the way down to the plant floor. Contact us today and let us put our labor force to work for you.

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